• Industry Leadership. Superior Results.

    Aimbridge is able to leverage its scale and reputation to attract and retain the industry鈥檚 top talent along with delivering top returns to its owners on a consistent basis.


    Aimbridge has significant influence on brands and holds relationships with most major brand councils. We have the ability to negotiate on behalf of owners to lower the cost of property improvement plans and other capital undertakings.


    Aimbridge has successfully established itself as an industry leader through diversified service offerings and is able to create value during each phase of the real estate cycle. Our scale and growth provide owner benefits in property management, including technology, talent and procurement.  Owners also benefit from our unique access to capital, brand relationships, local market knowledge, and business development teams.


    • Operations  

    • Sales & Marketing  

    • Accounting & Finance 

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    Aimbridge Hospitality leads the industry with its systematic approach to the acquisition and development of hotel properties.  With an ownership-centric approach, we excel in identifying and maximizing opportunities for the best investment returns to our partners.

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    Ambridge鈥檚 Capital Markets Team excels at securing and developing new and international investment relationships for hotel transactions. 聽

    • Global聽team

    • Veterans in hotel investments, international tax structuring, and fund advisory

    • Direct access to deal flow for quality real estate

    • Extensive partnerships with advisors, lenders, brands, developers and owners

    • Key liaison with new capital resources and existing investors and investments

    • Full investment cycle expertise - feasibility, development, operations, divestiture

    • Complex investment and operating acumen


    Aimbridge has extensive experience in assisting lending institutions, insurance companies and individual hotel owners with their non-performing hotels going through foreclosure, bankruptcy and court-appointed receivership.

    • Ensure property operates at its full potential

    • Focus on improving financial success, quality assurance, plus service and control processes

    • Knowledge, resources and tools required to make quick assessments and execute strategies needed to stabilize and/or reposition a hotel

    • Experience in mobilizing a team to takeover a property and begin the process of stabilization, reorganization, and eventual disposition


    Evolution Hospitality is a wholly owned subsidiary of Aimbridge Hospitality.  Evolution was strategically acquired to provide extended expertise and in-depth knowledge in the lifestyle and independent hotel segment.

    • Proven revenue enhancements courtesy of creative, innovative and driven associates
    • Boosted e-commerce and search-engine optimization efforts, with help from cutting-edge finance and IT platforms
    • Start-up mindset with a focus on fresh, innovative thinking


    Ambridge Canada was established in early 2019 to maximize the growth in North America and provide intimate local and unparalleled broad national market knowledge.  


    • Develop and manage properties in every province and territory in Canada 

    • Full investment cycle expertise - feasibility, development, operations, divestiture 

    • Deep multi-brand and product experience - select service, full service, resorts 

    • International joint venture opportunities


    Enhancing performances of high-end destination resorts and luxury properties, Aimbridge delivers improved asset value.



    • Expanding portfolio of luxury resort properties located in the United Sates, the Caribbean, and Canada
    • Puerto Rico based office and leadership
    • Dedicated Caribbean accounting team with international expertise



    Global success calls for local market knowledge, as well as significant experience within those markets. Working closely with our U.S. based division Aimbridge Hospitality, we are the world鈥檚 only major third-party management company specialising in professional hotel management for franchised brands. Our established international platform makes us the leader in managing all aspects of hotel operations throughout numerous locations in the UK, Ireland, Europe, and beyond.

    Backed by more than 20 years of experience in international markets, leading hospitality brands worldwide look to us to meet investment priorities, and our proprietary processes achieve results that surpass industry performance metrics and benefit from cloud-based, real-time business intelligence systems. Our expertise includes recruitment, training, and development, and covers every aspect of the hospitality industry, including pre-opening, renovations, and repositioning.


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